Also just to clarify something, and I will talk more about it, once everything is set. (90% of things aren't at the moment) @yunohost works.

If you are techy enough to want to host your own server but don't QUITE want to deal with actual installs from source and dockers etc, even mastodon wasn't that hard to get off of the ground, all things considered. (and probably is one of the trickier software to deploy)

@eylul great news! I also use @yunohost for some stuff - gitea, bitwarden, funkwhale, wallabag, rainloop... I saw new version of #yunohost out, but didn't dare to upgrade the whole thing. Yet.

@luka @yunohost upgrading is something I haven't had to try yet, I believe they have some information for the migration on their documents

The other thing I am trying to figure out is what is backed up where, and how to setup offserver backups. :) One problem at a time... :)

@eylul @yunohost I'm using vps at hetzner and they offer regular automatic backups of the whole vps.

@luka @yunohost linode does the same, but I have since been warned that I should do database backups separately as well?

@eylul @yunohost well said... There is indeed still some work to be done. Make sure you have your own backups because that's unreliable for the moment. The upgrade to buster literally broke my install and that was painfull, specifically when the LDAP stuff breaks. I also had issues with mastodon authentication for bots so had to disable the SSO stuff.

@eylul @yunohost Mail & matrix & gitea work perfectly. It's for sure not ready for people without tech background unfortunately.

@jeroen @yunohost I would argue that for simpler installs (mail - yes mail oddly enough) a website, gitea and it is relatively close to being ready for someone who at least has a bit of a maker's mindset. (there are a couple of places where documentation doesn't have quite enough explanation - at least in english, but I have been trying to take notes... ) but honestly, there is a separation between techy and professional sysadmin, and yunohost bridges that gap nicely, if nothing else. :)

@jeroen @yunohost one thing I am currently trying to figure out is what yunohost's local backup does for mastodon. is it actually backing up the database, or just backing up the files, I am not entirely sure. Either way @kemonine recommended to use pg_dump/pg_dumpall to backup the database. Besides that I'll probably use the backups of my hosting in short term, and then set up Borg once I have the other backing side ready.

@jeroen @yunohost @kemonine in terms of upgrade.. yeah it is a bit terrifying.

Other issue I am worried about is to do the full migration. because well... I am sure mastodon's migration has been tested. Not sure it has been tested with 4k followers. (nor am I sure what will happen to my vps resources when I do that :)) )

@eylul @yunohost @kemonine I use pgback for iterative dumps and then have a Borg script to backup to remote location. The Borgbackup app depends too much on the backup app that, by example, doesn't backup symbolic links.

@jeroen @yunohost @kemonine I would suggest that it might be worth dropping a polite issue at their github about the mastodon upgrade hiccup, and the issue with the borgbackup if there isn't one open on the topics in question... :)

@eylul @jeroen @yunohost There may be a flag to borg to have it backup sym links as-is w/o traversing them

I know restic has some CLI flags around soft and hard links and how to handle them

(Note : not trying to convince you to swap, just pointing out what another, very similar system has for options as it's been over a year since i last used borg)
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