Plasma Beta Review Day on Thursday, September 24: You too can join the Plasma team live and help get Plasma 5.20 ready for release!

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I believe (from what I've read) that statute of Anne, after which authors 'own the rights' to benefit from their work, was still publishers' plot.

There's (1) commons in Elinor Ostrom sense, there's (2) "creative commons" as general idea and movement, and there are (3) licences. The last one is just a temporary patch to existing copyright law that failed in times of costless copy.

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Framasoft is looking for a contractor for a quite trivial development (Honeypot) for Gitlab.

Framasoft recherche un⋅e prestataire pour un développement relativement trivial (Honeypot) pour Gitlab

Infos :

first 3-D print check. Now if I can sort out the first layer related issues and/or get it to work on cura....

people who use @writeas_dev / @writefreely how do you deal with images you want to use on your blogs? Do you need to upload them separately, or does it handle image upload?

We want to hear all about your day of BoFs. Let us know how your projects are going at the BoF wrap-up beginning in 15 minutes! For the complete #Akademy2020 program visit
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#PeerTube 2.4 is out!
Improved moderation tools, better playlist management, an annotations plugin and many more new features!
Check it all out here:

Introducing Inkscape 1.0.1...! This version includes bug & crash patches for 1.0 along with an experimental feature. Let us know what you love. Report what doesn't work. Download Linux, Windows, (coming soon) Mac:

Read all about it at:

I am about to move this account fully to @eylul follows should direct correctly if everything goes alright.

This place will be disabled for a few days (or however long the migration takes) and will eventually become a backup space as I cannot bring myself to completely delete it. has been my home way too long and many friends are still here. :)

see you on the flip side.

If someone has some time to spare and would like to play with a new toy, I've made a SeExpr script for Krita that creates a 3-point perspective grid. It's not difficult to use (you don't need to know how to code etc.) but I want to get some feedback to possibly improve it to make it easier/nicer for people to work with. The image here shows three different generated grids.

(You'll need a dev version of Krita if you want to try it).

Instruction and link to the script:

Come listen to episode 50 where we talk with Máirín Duffy about designing for and with open source software. She's got some great insights that can be applied both in and outside of design.

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Also just to clarify something, and I will talk more about it, once everything is set. (90% of things aren't at the moment) @yunohost works.

If you are techy enough to want to host your own server but don't QUITE want to deal with actual installs from source and dockers etc, even mastodon wasn't that hard to get off of the ground, all things considered. (and probably is one of the trickier software to deploy)

and now to find out, how my vps holds out while I sleep. Goodnight everyone. :)

edit: ok no touching the home timeline for a while. Really old toots are mixed with new ones. this should be a fun journey.


single user server for an artist