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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. no sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, any type of hate speech.
  2. no illegal content
  3. any NSFW or politics related content will be placed in content warning

This is the single user server for an artist and her projects

What you should expect to find:

  • Art and photography of the artist
  • Art and photography of others
  • Discussions about Free/Libre and open sourced software (FLOSS) projects.
  • highlighting of updates from FLOSS projects
  • occasional discussions about mastodon, fediverse, and other technology related things
  • discussions of other art related things
  • occasional personal life notes

What you will NOT find:

  • see server rules above

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to DM me via mastodon.