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Do YOU happen to be someone who needs music, and can pay for it?!

Cool, consider hiring me. I've made OSTs and creative commons songs for various things (plays, podcasts, video games, films, Nokie 3510s) and am different from most people in that I have no set style. Sample my works here:

I'm great, easy to work with and talk to, and have a fantastic reputation with colleagues and those who hire me!

#Music #Commissions #AdvertisingMyWares

Love LibreOffice? ❤️ Help us to test new features (and fix any issues) in the upcoming major release – LibreOffice 7.4. The first beta is now available:

We are sad to inform our community that Marina Zhurakhinskaya died on Saturday. Outreachy wouldn't exist without her dedication, which continued until her last day.

correction, the ones on the right are switching between watercolor and colored pencils (different colors - I am using 2 sets with different colors in them)

the one on left, the eyes are with my old crayolas. one of the gradients on left is also with crayolas. so there is 3 different sets being used across these 3 pages despite end result being the same color

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I have been quiet and will be for another week or so but just wanted to quickly share this.

these are not finished work. they are studies. the difference is the goal. I am learning to work with watercolor pencils, color matching, practicing gradients. (some of the 'eyes' on left are made with different mediums AND mix of different colors)

this is the type of work that is often invisible that is done by an artist that helps us get to the finished works you see.

if you are supporting someone or a project via Patreon or Bandcamp subscriptions or any other non-anonymous patronage/crowdfunding/donation platform, what do you want in return, if anything?

Feel free to comment in replies if nothing applies but you have thoughts.

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I think I love these colored pencils and while I am not going to give up on markers altogether the detail I can achieve here is a bit unreal. this was only with 4 colors by the way.

apologies for deleting and redrafting had a bit of a spammer that needs to be blocked issue.

this might be one of the more complicated gradients I have attempted. Also experimenting with using copics and colored pencil together on this one.

I think I love these colored pencils and while I am not going to give up on markers altogether the detail I can achieve here is a bit unreal. this was only with 4 colors by the way.


We're so excited!!!

Penpot 1.13 Beta release is out, bringing new features and improvements!

🔅Multiple exports
🔅Multiple fills and strokes
🔅Members area redesign
🔅Focus mode
🔌Easier way to install Penpot on premise
🐛Bugs fixed

Check it out!


Reasons why someone may not want pronouns in their bio:

1. Person doesn’t want to out themselves
Because of:
A. Abusive family
B. Abusive community
C. Not comfortable yet
D. Repressive government
E. Employer retaliation/abuse

2. Persons native language doesn’t have pronouns, and doesn’t want that linguistic imperialism shit pressed on them

3. Person is unsure of their pronouns

4. And more reasons I can’t list in the character limit. But you get the idea.

one thing I just realized about (not sure if this is true for other git platforms) is that, even if you are invited as a contributor to a project it doesn't list you as a contributor of the project

this is a problem as it assumes all contributors are developers. Some of us are artists, others are community managers, issue wranglers.. All of these people are active part of a project and contribute even if we are not the ones sending the pull request.

/ issues

haven't been able to document this regularly as most of the work had been happening on small moments I could find between other work.

bristol paper this time and I am pleasantly surprised how much layering I can do on what looks like a smooth paper.

I am beginning to realize any sort of masking tape on this paper is a monumentally bad idea. xD still good for prints though

#watercolor please #boost Question to all those of you with more experience: My Light Ochre (student´s grade from Schmincke) runs low. I don´t like its mud-like appearance, but it is one of my most-used colors in conjunction with Ultramarine (PB29) for natural greens. I often use it to cut the Phtalo colors, too. Would you replace it with Raw Sienna or stick with L. Ochre? - What are the differences? How do they behave through mixing? Which one has more impact when mixed? #art #mastoart #help

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