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My goal is to write decentralized networked software that nobody has to run a server to use ever again. "Self-hosting" is good where you can, but it's also kinda technically elite.

back from when I was helping out ubuntustudio testing. I have an old install on my harddrive. this.. install saved me so many times. I am thinking after rescuing my main drive and reinstalling things. I think i will make an effort to keep this one up to date. (still not sure what happened to my main install either kernel panicking or graphics card but it doesn't look like either so I am confused)

Happy New Year 🎉! This week in KDE: Dolphin gets root operations, Konsole lets select applications, and KWin nets > 8-bit colorizations... (in Wayland).

wishing all of you a wonderful #2022

also experiment going strong and ready for january

( technically)

Shoutout to

It's a nearly exhaustive database of #linuxaudio softwares, free and non-free.
All the #daw , #lv2 or #vst #audioplugins you're looking for are here.

making a list of books i'd like to read in 2022; calling out to fedi, what are the best books you've ever read (fiction and non-fiction) ? 🌱

(feel free to boost; i'd love to hear everyone's favourites :3)

#Gadgetbridge 0.63.0 is now out on #F-droid . It comes with several new features, fixes and also provides support for new Bluetooth devices, like Sony WH-100XM3 and Galaxy Buds Live earphones, and also for GBD-200 and BD-100 Casio watches.

On popular request, current activity data like steps or sleep is now displayed on the device card, for a quick glance.

See the blog post for more details

jokes aside I think I discovered how much I was overestimating the time I have in a day especially with RPing on top. it is somewhat helping me prioritize better.

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one week into bullet journaling, things I found out:

1) I am definitely the artsy type journaler. (I mean goal was to use my sketchbook more so I guess not a huge surprise - and no it doesn't mean it is pretty or neat)

2) planning out when is getting done and focusing on tasks of the day helps a lot with my stress levels. (I still use todo.txt to keep track of what is being done and what needs to be done and loop habit tracker for routines)

3) my handwriting is still atrocious

@eylul Yes, it works. If you have firmware and higher, you have to make sure to select New auth protocol .

did anyone try using @gadgetbridge with mi band 6? I cannot tell if it works with it or not xD

I remember a few years ago that kerning in #fontforge was something I'd do by accident. Currently it seems I have an easier time figuring out contextual substitution.

Anyway, the bold-looking #font is actually the one that'd be better for A6, as it's got chunkier metrics, though I still need to adjust the stems. Not too happy with the accented capitals. Might need to create smallcaps to deal with that...

This was very useful, btw:

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potential bullet journaling. 

I blame for this one although jokes aside not even sure it is a bullet journal with no bullet points in sight and no todos or notes, and just appending this to my existing sketchbook.

worst case scenario I indexed my sketchbook which is a good thing?

I might still swap back to zim wiki once I sync my notebook to phone but this will be a good experimentation (or an absolute time sink of amateur illustrations. xD). so far using it for teaching and memories.

Besides Youtube/Vimeo, where would you recommend to upload videos?

Sometimes creativity feels like this superposed state that collapses when observed. or that's has been my experience.

Trying to recover from burnout and to remember how to be creative while balancing online presence... Not sure if I will make it but at least I am grateful that doesn't have algorithms that punish you more for not being present

Okay, it's been 3 weeks! New recap is out: new releases of GIMP, Krita, Penpot, ArmorPaint, Audacity, PipeWire, Apple joins Blender Dev Fund, Stargate DAW joins Linux audio family, Ardour gets clip launching as part of future live looping feature set.

Featured image by Protyanik Hazra #b3d

The two-step process to creating something:
1. Make a mess
2. Clean it up

there is an ugly duckling stage to every drawing and painting. I think it is easy to assume at that stage that you failed at it when the truth is that it is part of the process. I am slowly getting better at not forgetting that.

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