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sometimes when I return to a piece after a week, 2 weeks it feels like I am playing exquisite corpse with myself, only in time dimension. "what was I even planning to do when I begun this? no matter, what can I do with this thing the past me did..."

The #Kdenlive team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:

Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

I received over the weekend messages from an art residency, including the deadlines, when the coordinator finally decided to email me. Apparently at the time when I was trying to find the "group" they were referring to, facebook was eating all of my messages that showed up 3 months later while I was not looking. (I don't check fb often unless I know I will be contacted via that)

as a result I missed an exhibit deadline 😡

can we all switch to fediverse and be done please? (or email is fine too)

Hey there, this is a bit meta but think I need to clarify what my accounts are for:

@feditips (this one) posts hints about using the Fediverse, including Mastodon, PixelFed etc.

@FediFollows recommends accounts to follow on the Fediverse, covering all kinds of topics.

The only reason a lot of FediFollows recommendations are computing-related is because that's the biggest topic on the Fediverse right now. If the Fediverse become more diverse, I will be able to give more diverse recommendations. I try to promote non-techy accounts when I find them, to help the diversity grow.

FediFollows tends to recommend accounts that focus on one topic, rather than general personal accounts. The best place to find general personal accounts is Trunk (

@FediVideos boosts interesting videos posted on the Fediverse. At the moment that means PeerTube, but if another Fediverse video platform appears then I'd boost that too.

#Fediverse #Meta #FediTips #FediFollows #FediVideos

Helio is an open-source, cross-platform, distraction-free music composition suite that runs on computers and on mobile devices (!).
if you have a phone or a tablet, but no computer - you can still make music with libre software!

Something tells me once can be incredibly productive with this...

#FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Music #MusicProduction #MIDI #Android #Linux

This is simply not the case for instances. I've met some good people through scholar social's and elekk's local timelines.

Of course I'm saying this on a single user instance, but then again scholar's local helped me learn it wasn't the place for me (even though it's still a great instance), and I still have an account on elekk /because/ of the local timeline there.

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I think I just realized why Eugen puts so little value on the local timeline - his instances are so large that local is all but unusable for community building. It's like trying to hear a quiet conversation in a middle school cafeteria when the lunch duty teachers have stepped out for a moment.

I'm probably the last person on here to make this connection, but I've made it now.

KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

If you're down with #darktable you can support one of the main developer's efforts to work full time on the project!

Currently they're nowhere close to a living wage, let's change that!

#funding #foss #photography #postprocess #post #edit

darktable 3.6 is ready to be released tomorrow. For that occasion, we organize a virtual party on starting at 16:00 UTC. Join us !

(The event is going to be mostly in EN, but you can add the languages you speak in your username like [EN] [DE] so people uncomfortable with EN may still interact).

FOSS Linux Graphics Software Developer Job Opening at Igalia (based in Spain but job itself is full remote): if you know anyone interested point them to this: #linux #graphics #dev #vulkan #wayland #foss

GSoC update from Audacity: the source separation effect is basicaly working, so you can take a mix of voices/instruments and separate it into per-voice tracks

alternatively use mastodon to join an existing conversation here. This can be tricky as it is tempting to just go for "big" follow counts but go for people who are active and talking to each other in topics you want to participate. Build ongoing conversations and a small community (although it can be bigger) and be there for them. Rest will come but this is how you begin, using mastodon or fediverse as a way to be part of a community, not NOT part of another.

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instead of trying to move here wholesale identify an interaction that is not working. Maybe you need a class communication you don't want in commercial items. maybe you need a way to roleplay, maybe it is just family communication you want to keep more casual and away from algorithms. Move with that small community. More will come but you will still have a reason to stick here. Use mastodon as a tool not a statement. (2/3)

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a lot of people ask me how do you stick with alternative social media such as when all of your friends are elsewhere. If you expect all of your friends to move here and mirror your interactions there it won't work.

Think of it this way, you don't interact with the same people and the same way in different commercial networks.

and think how you started using the ones you use regularly. There was some content you wanted to or needed to interact with.(1/3)

I've added every non-broken SuperCollider plugin package I know of to the Arch User Repository, making it super easy to install even the most esoteric #SuperCollider plugins

#arch #supercollider #archlinux

🚀 the first release candidate for Nextcloud 22 is here! whether you have or haven't tested the beta's, try the RC and let us know if it's good to go!

Why Nextcloud Hub?

✔️ Hosted on-premises
💙 100% open source
😎 Easy to use
⚙️ Integration in infrastructure
🔒 Security and encryption & more!

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