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I would love to have more suggestions for this year's . :) I am not following any official lists and instead going with my own partial list and suggestions from mastodon. You can comment to this toot and I will try to add it.

(please be aware that I don't always interpret things literally and create works that are abstract or highly stylized.)

@dailySketchChallenge / /

day 7 "sound" (suggested by @fredmbarros)

this one was though.

I do like the final concept, the execution... well lets just say I am not tagging this with "traditional art" (I would normally redraw this but for this year's daily challenge I am really trying to avoid doing that)

hand drawn and edited with

I am still accepting prompts on mastodon. :)

/ /

day 6. "shade" (suggested by @gbrnt)

I am a day behind again, but will stop here today. .

Yes I do still accept suggestions on mastodon! :)

(because these are all edited using and photographed in )

one thing that keeps repeating since I started doing this years october prompts is that I keep trying to press an undo button that isn't there 🙃

its at least once per drawing, sometimes more than once....


That's lovely! You can almost smell it...


Day 5: wind (suggested by @stagnogley)

Went a bit lighthearted on this one. Also now caught back up despite the challenges today :)

Still happily accepting suggestions for prompts on mastodon.

/ /

Day 4: Pure acid (suggested by @Sandra )

greens as promised. :) I will be posting day 5 later tonight.

I am still accepting suggestions for prompts on mastodon.

@eylul I wanted to suggest “sound”, following your caveat about not following things literally, but I actually don’t know very well how these lists work, so I’m not sure if what I said even makes sense...

/ /

day 3.

"Perfume" (suggested by @yncke)

back to the square format for a bit as well as abstract

I am still accepting prompt suggestions on mastodon. :)

Horray, the ActivityPub Conference 2020 videos are live! Which is great news because this presentation is probably the best overview of Spritely that's been made for a general audience yet!

last stage of harddisk rescue then I can go back to regularly scheduled dash to finish projects before the semester starts... :)

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It's a group-address at which overcomes insularity of fediverse instances causing hashtags not working well locally especially on small instances.

If you are interested in posts in the group just follow it like you would any other user on fedi.

Please boost this widely!

#mastoAudio #MastoMusic

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Reposting to fediverse-wide group @looptober (follow it and you'll get any post that @'s the group. Amd vice-versa, if you're posting looptober tracks, @ the group, please)

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