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I would love to have more suggestions for this year's . :) I am not following any official lists and instead going with my own partial list and suggestions from mastodon. You can comment to this toot and I will try to add it.

(please be aware that I don't always interpret things literally and create works that are abstract or highly stylized.)

day 2. I am not sure if "corrupted filesystem" counts as a conventional prompt but when you spend days trying to rescue data... I guess this prompt comes from life. thank you life. ;)

Having trouble building snaps? We can help! In ~1 hour we'll open the doors again for an hour of free private consulting with the snapcraft team!
Find out more on the forum:

You can also use the DailySketchChallenge tag :P

first day of October! rather than doing regular this year I'll ask for prompts. (please be aware that these will be abstract drawings/paintings/codeart)

by the way maybe we should have a tag for all october prompts or maybe have inktobot help? so far I saw and and I am probably missing a few. How are you all following everyone else this prompt season? :)

1 "denim tree" Didn't exactly go according to plan but then again neither did the day. :)

Thanks to @Sandra for the prompt. suggest me a prompt for day 2 (if I get multiple prompts they will be used later)

not quite

I’m doing #botober as proposed by @janellecshane!

@eylul, is this you asking for prompts? How about “denim tree”? Or were you just giving us the heads up that you’ll ask for prompts later♥

first day of October! rather than doing regular this year I'll ask for prompts. (please be aware that these will be abstract drawings/paintings/codeart)

Ok, imported most of the Krita youtube vids to I had waited a bit with this, because I knew #peertube had updated it's importer to also import subtitles and wanted to wait for the instance to update this...

Thing is, youtube's subtitle thing is a virtual hell of confusing buttons and endless js-pageload times, it could take me up to 10min to get the subtitles moved over, even knowing what to do. It's now 10sec to import a single vid+subtitles.

Plasma Beta Review Day on Thursday, September 24: You too can join the Plasma team live and help get Plasma 5.20 ready for release!

strong opinion 


I believe (from what I've read) that statute of Anne, after which authors 'own the rights' to benefit from their work, was still publishers' plot.

There's (1) commons in Elinor Ostrom sense, there's (2) "creative commons" as general idea and movement, and there are (3) licences. The last one is just a temporary patch to existing copyright law that failed in times of costless copy.

@poiseunderchaos @cadadr @jk

Framasoft is looking for a contractor for a quite trivial development (Honeypot) for Gitlab.

Framasoft recherche un⋅e prestataire pour un développement relativement trivial (Honeypot) pour Gitlab

Infos :

first 3-D print check. Now if I can sort out the first layer related issues and/or get it to work on cura....

people who use @writeas_dev / @writefreely how do you deal with images you want to use on your blogs? Do you need to upload them separately, or does it handle image upload?

We want to hear all about your day of BoFs. Let us know how your projects are going at the BoF wrap-up beginning in 15 minutes! For the complete #Akademy2020 program visit
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