Today, we start the #yunocamp a camp dedicated to #yunohost and the #internetcube.

We are at La Felicita in #paris. Feel free to join us !

We suggest the remote community to meet us on the chat. Remote contributors can also chat on mumble on .

More info:

been dealing with some health issues so going a bit slower than I like but here is some recent work.

the left one is with Faber-Castell polychromos. right two are in watercolor.

You got a spreadsheet of 100 conference talk names and presenters and need to generate a banner graphic for each. What to do? Use Inkscape!

:) Here is a tutorial on how to automate this and generate them in seconds: Example files link in vid details!

here are some pages from my sketchbook over last week. a lot of color studies and learning to control watercolor gradients

today's work I am trying to stick to daily art but it won't probably be this every day. I have a bit of a photography queue.

and start of a new

as I like the paper of this one I might divide my sketchbooking into two and keep this for documentation....

or just end up not bothering

over last weeks I took a break from social media to grade, then to travel then this. This is the last page of my sketchbook that I begun in 2017. (if anyone still remembers the initial attempt at inktober that october, those illustrations were drawn there) I don't use a sketchbook a lot but I realized sketchbooks are a good place to doodle rather than random pieces of paper. also no previous pages are full of tears (I was testing masking) a lot of gradients. not pretty

@Sapphaos this is interesting. why should the shipping for a canvas especially should be cheaper than that of a plushy. (genuinely curious)

this is what I have been noticing and thanks for the feedback. :)

okay question for people who have recently ordered art or other type of items from a small shop. what shipping price range looks normal to you

or how much would you be willing to pay for shipping? (feel free to boost or comment as well)

okay wow. so the shipping prices did increase quite a bit.

ack alright. so prices I am seeing are what I should expect. thanks very much for taking the time to check.

one thing I noticed is that posts to germany is cheaper than most. (somewhat fits the price range you mentioned)

@klaatu thank you for this feedback and I can totally understand that psychological effect. :)

that's what I have been noticing. I was just a bit surprised.

that's a different aspect. technically Gimp and Krita can also develop raws but it can be good to identify these software as well.
@FediFollows @darktable

pttnin kargo fiyatlarına baktım. ülkeye göre değişmekte.

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