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I once chmoded my phone 700 when I should have known better and nearly bricked it. we are all human.

this one is a bit of a struggle, but the goal of working on A6 size is trying a new paper in first place.

(reposted with image description.)

color swatch asmr.

I made these last night and will probably make some for my crayolas as well. they take time to make but are such a useful investment (and look pretty as well)

I hope you all have a lovely saturday.

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Introducing friends to each other 

<3 always good to see new artists around here. welcome to fediverse

6 hours yesterday but forgot to stop to document the progress. again colored pencils.

Russ Sharek is a clown. No really, he is literally a clown in a theatre group, and has an excellent podcast called "Two clowns in a closet". You can follow at:

➡️ @RussSharek

The podcast is available from

You can find out more about the troupe at

#RussSharek #Clown #Clowns #Circus #Theatre #Theater #Fun #Performance #Art #Podcast #Podcasts #Podcasting #PerformingArts

I teach my class online by choice rather than in person. (part time lecturer, photography)

students can join in even if they are working at an office or traveling. (so attendance rate is much better) They can go back and listen if they had to leave early or missed the class.

it just requires rethinking the how of teaching and communicating the content. It introduces some new issues (like internet access quality for some).

but it isn't lesser quality and gains are more than losses.

@ja_nice there are quite a few folk at instance if you haven't connected with them yet.

I knew blending and color vibrancy was there but the sheer flexibility in texture was unexpected

I have been on the hunt for painter's tape or watercolor tape but honestly I have yet to find either locally.

still washi isn't this bad on bristol and on my sketchbook so this was a bad surprise.

@eylul oh yeah, colouring pencils are a criminally underrated medium.

Damage from tape is pretty common. Supossedly water-color masking tape doesn't do this, but I could never understand how to apply it properly.

so this looks good on camera but unfortunately had a lot of damage from the washi tape. Still good for prints though

on positive side though what I can do with these pencils will give me so many options....

Seems there's a misconception of .art doing the rounds, so let me clear that up!

We're an art instance, but we *do not* expect or enforce our users to only post their artwork here - it's actually very much the opposite!

The Fediverse is a community, and .art is a community. We like knowing each other on that communal level. We like seeing what artists do when they're not creating art; snippets from each other's daily lives, pet photos, side projects. We're here to find new friends.

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