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@nestort that's actually the discussion I am referring to and saying it can go even further than that. :) as many of those examples are still heavily referencing the original interconnected pentagon form

here is a question: does it have to be a pentagon? can it be more of a constellation? after all part of the power of fediverse is its relative weak connectivity that allows communities to appear rather than forcing everyone increasingly into one large pool. :)

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FLOSS quality and UX 

that happens on org to individual level yes, but as I said if the tool company uses is not easy, and there is an easy option that people can use individuals will gravitate. as I said thats how google calendar got where it is. there were other calendar tools /integration tools organizations were using when it showed up.

FLOSS quality and UX 

I have also seen people move from existing org tools to other unofficial ones due to ux adventage. Also ux is a factor on smaller groups and companies that might not have a huge budget (money or time) to decipher a tool that is hard to understand and use. :) tldr I don't disagree with what you are saying exactly. would love to have a larger conversation on this at some point.

FLOSS quality and UX 

first of all sorry for not immediately answering this. its been that type of week. What I said there is also a condensation of a lot longer thoughts and experiences (observing and beinvin dialogue) with organizations about what stops groups to move. For smaller organizations or movements just starting usually the use of the tool begins with the free tier. So yes ease of starting to use and later availability of support is important but [cont]

I would go with deciding what project you want to work on and what that requires. Languages come and go. What is popular now will likely not be relevant 5 years from now...

FLOSS quality and UX 

yes and no. ease of use and ease of support are part of the factors as to why a software is chosen.

if something is easy to use than the clunky alternatives AND trivial to access (e.g. servers are readily available and reliable) people will use it so much that companies will adapt. that is what happened with google docs and calendar...


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another reason to go for kobo is that not only yes it works with calibre but my 5 years old kobo still gets software updates and is still supported. (and yes it works with drm-free books fanfics, manuals etc)

scifi dystopia writing prompt 

okay that is creepy

@Sandra @paperdigits @kemonine for reliability, and distribute the weight of bandwidth a little in case something goes popular, is my guess. Generally hotlinking to another server for media is not cool.

What happened here was my fault though, I need to setup a cron job to clear old toots but I keep forgetting to. (even then it was almost 2 months worth of data that filled up the 80GBs I had (and about 18GB of that is a backup that is sitting there)

#Nextcloud is used in small & big companies, at home and at schools and universities. But there are many other ways it gets used - have a nice use case for us? We'd love to hear about it! Reply here, or DM us!

@kemonine @paperdigits I'll check this. I have a little over 30GB I think so I guess it is normal (especially as I am following a lot of people who post media content I suppose)

@kemonine @paperdigits this is after removing all posts, and I assumed that also removed the media as well, based on the manual?

@paperdigits I am using mastodon, which works very well when installed via yunohost. just not sure what is accumulating data so fast. even with statuses from 7 days I have like 30GB of data?

that being said still recommend it if you can afford the vps, or have an old laptop etc. I know some people also use pleroma though

sorry about vanishing for 12 hours, it looks like my instance ran out of space. :)

honestly I prefer sponsored content to adverts for obvious reason but yes it makes linking stuff for teaching tricky.

@darktable I would be a bit sad to see it go if the team decides that route but would be perfectly happy by it being hidden by default, or it being an advanced feature of chosing to use one or another on a drop down per instance of a module etc (even I have yet to use input and output masks together. its usually the one or the other xD)

I can tell from observing my students that it is probably more confusion for most users than actual help.

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