been dealing with some health issues so going a bit slower than I like but here is some recent work.

the left one is with Faber-Castell polychromos. right two are in watercolor.

I think I love these colored pencils and while I am not going to give up on markers altogether the detail I can achieve here is a bit unreal. this was only with 4 colors by the way.

so this looks good on camera but unfortunately had a lot of damage from the washi tape. Still good for prints though

on positive side though what I can do with these pencils will give me so many options....

Just a tiny test using black colored paper I recently got, with gel pens and pencils, with also gold. Just practicing with pencils a bit.

it is good to try new things.

( : for editing, I am updating my process to photograph finished work. work in progress)

this is still very

also the original is definitely more magenta than red.

This painting hides a secret, which is the reason for some of the technical and choices. Can you guess?

( : freeDCam )

what did I get myself into /o\ (not entirely certain why I am suddenly rediscovering my acrylics... or continuing an idea I had decade ago - yes that canvas had been sitting blank for that long)

this one... was a journey. what you don't see is how messy the back of the original is and how many layers of pencil and marker paint there is on this.

but it is done, for better or worse.

( : / )

Was going to post this 2 days ago but realized the timelapses are too big for mastodon file size limit.

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