Just a tiny test using black colored paper I recently got, with gel pens and pencils, with also gold. Just practicing with pencils a bit.

it is good to try new things.

( : for editing, I am updating my process to photograph finished work. work in progress)

this is still very

also the original is definitely more magenta than red.

This painting hides a secret, which is the reason for some of the technical and choices. Can you guess?

( : freeDCam )

I don't know how I feel about this. I haven't painted anything realistic in a decade, and never this tiny, but it was fun?

( : )

this one... was a journey. what you don't see is how messy the back of the original is and how many layers of pencil and marker paint there is on this.

but it is done, for better or worse.

( : / )

I am in a bit of an art version of pantry challenge.

These crayola pencils are 30 years old and over last 3 months I fell in love with them a bit. beautiful colors, very easy to color gradient and they are amazing for detailed work. Will probably combine them with markers and possibly watercolor? in more ways than one.

what old art supplies do you have lying around and how could you put them to use?

( : )

Wherever, whoever you are, have a great monday, that sun shines (figuratively at least even if weather isn't cooperating) and that things take a positive turn.

Galaxy note 9, Istanbul, Turkey. edited in

This is actually a panorama from 2020 that is in todo list, but didn't have the energy to deal with it today so just edited 1 image version of it.

Yes is back after a 3 year break.

2021 Orion nebula. Istanbul, Turkey.

This is more of a technical limitations exercise. It is shot with a sony a6000 and my trusty 135mm Samyang.

Supersampling is used with 21 frames, to reduce noise and increase the resolution. (this is a cropped detail)

The limiting factor here is light pollution more than anything.

2022 CC by-SA

Created using and

is one of the most underrated software out there. Yes it is a panorama software but it is also useful aligning images (wide angle astrophotography shots, multiple image shots to median out etc) tiling images together for getting a higher resolution print (I am beginning to do this with documenting/preparing larger works), HDR... seriously aligning and/or tiling images is such a critical part of process that is overlooked

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works with a variety of media ( ) I also advocate the
making of and teach photography.

now that we have a new influx of users (re) / was necessary (last one was I think 3 years ago?) Welcome, all new and returning users! :)

Was going to post this 2 days ago but realized the timelapses are too big for mastodon file size limit.

(as edited with Darktable)

in less than an hour, (12UTC) I'll talk about teaching photography using software as part of


I am very bad at keeping up with social media but better late than never. I'll be giving a talk on teaching photography using software with the mindset.This sunday (May 28th) at 12:00UTC as part of 2nd installment of


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day 13: "fire" and day 14: "cider/apples" (suggested by @aldersprig )

very behind and I fear I will continue to be behind until next wednesday. All the same....

oh and it is the first time in 15 years that I have used watercolors... yeah well it still went better than I was expecting, sort of... xD You might see them again on later images.

( / )

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day 12: "moebius" (suggested by @cidney)

Interesting fact about the möbius strıp ıs that it actually only has a single surface. That wasn't the issue through. The execution issues mostly stemmed from the fact that flat paper as thin as it is, is NOT a 2-D surface. :D

Forgot to say last time but still accepting prompts on mastodon. :)

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