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day 13: "fire" and day 14: "cider/apples" (suggested by @aldersprig )

very behind and I fear I will continue to be behind until next wednesday. All the same....

oh and it is the first time in 15 years that I have used watercolors... yeah well it still went better than I was expecting, sort of... xD You might see them again on later images.

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day 12: "moebius" (suggested by @cidney)

Interesting fact about the möbius strıp ıs that it actually only has a single surface. That wasn't the issue through. The execution issues mostly stemmed from the fact that flat paper as thin as it is, is NOT a 2-D surface. :D

Forgot to say last time but still accepting prompts on mastodon. :)

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day 11: "compost" (suggested by @Wolthera )

This was actually drawn last night, and I thought I would photograph it daytime with today's drawing. (as you can tell things didn't QUITE go according to plan)

All the same :)

(edited in and photographed using )

While drawing today's prompt, my 3D printer was working too.

One of the bigger time wastes I have doing these challenges is trying to cut a lot of paper at exact dimensions, having to measure each, and keep things square.

So designed this little thing using and while it took a few tweaks - and I will iterate to make it easier to trim multiple cards- it is square and it works

(and yes, it is a messy print, I had my printer tuned, then firmware got updated... )

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Day 8. "Fiery Sun" and Day 9 "Tiger" (both suggested by @cidney)

the latter managed to involve reference images, if you can believe it.

I am still accepting prompts via mastodon. :)

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day 7 "sound" (suggested by @fredmbarros)

this one was though.

I do like the final concept, the execution... well lets just say I am not tagging this with "traditional art" (I would normally redraw this but for this year's daily challenge I am really trying to avoid doing that)

hand drawn and edited with

I am still accepting prompts on mastodon. :)

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day 6. "shade" (suggested by @gbrnt)

I am a day behind again, but will stop here today. .

Yes I do still accept suggestions on mastodon! :)

(because these are all edited using and photographed in )


Day 5: wind (suggested by @stagnogley)

Went a bit lighthearted on this one. Also now caught back up despite the challenges today :)

Still happily accepting suggestions for prompts on mastodon.

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Day 4: Pure acid (suggested by @Sandra )

greens as promised. :) I will be posting day 5 later tonight.

I am still accepting suggestions for prompts on mastodon.

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day 3.

"Perfume" (suggested by @yncke)

back to the square format for a bit as well as abstract

I am still accepting prompt suggestions on mastodon. :)

day 2. I am not sure if "corrupted filesystem" counts as a conventional prompt but when you spend days trying to rescue data... I guess this prompt comes from life. thank you life. ;)

1 "denim tree" Didn't exactly go according to plan but then again neither did the day. :)

Thanks to @Sandra for the prompt. suggest me a prompt for day 2 (if I get multiple prompts they will be used later)

not quite


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