been dealing with some health issues so going a bit slower than I like but here is some recent work.

the left one is with Faber-Castell polychromos. right two are in watercolor.

here are some pages from my sketchbook over last week. a lot of color studies and learning to control watercolor gradients

today's work I am trying to stick to daily art but it won't probably be this every day. I have a bit of a photography queue.

and start of a new

as I like the paper of this one I might divide my sketchbooking into two and keep this for documentation....

or just end up not bothering

over last weeks I took a break from social media to grade, then to travel then this. This is the last page of my sketchbook that I begun in 2017. (if anyone still remembers the initial attempt at inktober that october, those illustrations were drawn there) I don't use a sketchbook a lot but I realized sketchbooks are a good place to doodle rather than random pieces of paper. also no previous pages are full of tears (I was testing masking) a lot of gradients. not pretty

I have been quiet and will be for another week or so but just wanted to quickly share this.

these are not finished work. they are studies. the difference is the goal. I am learning to work with watercolor pencils, color matching, practicing gradients. (some of the 'eyes' on left are made with different mediums AND mix of different colors)

this is the type of work that is often invisible that is done by an artist that helps us get to the finished works you see.

this might be one of the more complicated gradients I have attempted. Also experimenting with using copics and colored pencil together on this one.

I think I love these colored pencils and while I am not going to give up on markers altogether the detail I can achieve here is a bit unreal. this was only with 4 colors by the way.

haven't been able to document this regularly as most of the work had been happening on small moments I could find between other work.

bristol paper this time and I am pleasantly surprised how much layering I can do on what looks like a smooth paper.

I am beginning to realize any sort of masking tape on this paper is a monumentally bad idea. xD still good for prints though

progress has been slow but happening. and this thing looks a lot better on camera than it is.

this one is a bit of a struggle, but the goal of working on A6 size is trying a new paper in first place.

(reposted with image description.)

color swatch asmr.

I made these last night and will probably make some for my crayolas as well. they take time to make but are such a useful investment (and look pretty as well)

I hope you all have a lovely saturday.

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6 hours yesterday but forgot to stop to document the progress. again colored pencils.

so this looks good on camera but unfortunately had a lot of damage from the washi tape. Still good for prints though

on positive side though what I can do with these pencils will give me so many options....

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