this one is a bit of a struggle, but the goal of working on A6 size is trying a new paper in first place.

(reposted with image description.)

color swatch asmr.

I made these last night and will probably make some for my crayolas as well. they take time to make but are such a useful investment (and look pretty as well)

I hope you all have a lovely saturday.

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6 hours yesterday but forgot to stop to document the progress. again colored pencils.

so this looks good on camera but unfortunately had a lot of damage from the washi tape. Still good for prints though

on positive side though what I can do with these pencils will give me so many options....


this time working properly with my new artist quality pencils. if I can figure out how to paint an even background these might begin to replace copics (as it is they are augmenting them)

Just a tiny test using black colored paper I recently got, with gel pens and pencils, with also gold. Just practicing with pencils a bit.

it is good to try new things.

( : for editing, I am updating my process to photograph finished work. work in progress)

this is still very

also the original is definitely more magenta than red.

This painting hides a secret, which is the reason for some of the technical and choices. Can you guess?

( : freeDCam )

what did I get myself into /o\ (not entirely certain why I am suddenly rediscovering my acrylics... or continuing an idea I had decade ago - yes that canvas had been sitting blank for that long)

I don't know how I feel about this. I haven't painted anything realistic in a decade, and never this tiny, but it was fun?

( : )

its been a bit difficult to focus on work this week between influx to mastodon and some real life hiccups. so instead of trying to keep working on existing projects taking a couple of days off to switch gears and try new things.

one very early and one proof of concept.

this one... was a journey. what you don't see is how messy the back of the original is and how many layers of pencil and marker paint there is on this.

but it is done, for better or worse.

( : / )

not a lot of progress yesterday as I was doing another project. will be more today hopefully

I am in a bit of an art version of pantry challenge.

These crayola pencils are 30 years old and over last 3 months I fell in love with them a bit. beautiful colors, very easy to color gradient and they are amazing for detailed work. Will probably combine them with markers and possibly watercolor? in more ways than one.

what old art supplies do you have lying around and how could you put them to use?

( : )

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