will finish today's with a edition

a stray cat taking a break on grass. Photo was taken in 2005, Istanbul Turkey

Edited using and posted in 2017 to mastodon as part of

yes there is a color channel swap (magenta-green if I remember correctly)

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@eylul That is absolutely phenomenal! An awesome picture of an awesome cat! :)

This is my lad Reginald:

@eylul darktable is really a powerful tool but I need time to learn it better, it seems a bit complicated for a newbie like me. Great photograph by the way, love it.

@oguzhanaydin generally any sort of non-destructive workflow photography tools can be a bit confusing. on Darkroom interface, on right hand column, right under histogram go to presets and try to switch to workflow: beginner, if that helps with the "where to begin" issue.

@oguzhanaydin let me know how it goes and generally don't hesitate to ask questions.

@eylul I still dont know how to use darktable. :( I switched to the beginner workflow but it just deleted some options I can use and only keep some essential things that I can do with Windows Photo Edit tool like crop etc. Before that I was using Lightroom and it was so easy to use.

@oguzhanaydin Krita's another image editor you can try. It's FOSS and the UI looks simple.

@oh I never tried photo editing with Krita, will look into it, thank you!

@eylul Much fun is to be had with channel-swapping. I love hiw you used it here! Gives little kitty juuust the right framing :artaww:

@eyeling thank you :) and yeah I wanted definitely a dream-like quality to this one.

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