okay question for people who have recently ordered art or other type of items from a small shop. what shipping price range looks normal to you

or how much would you be willing to pay for shipping? (feel free to boost or comment as well)

@eylul depends heavily on what it is

if it's art, so prints or a canvas i wouldn't expect more than 15 euros unless it's a really big canvas and it's coming from outside of the eu (and cheaper for prints/things that fit inside of an envelope)

if it's ceramics or anything fragile, i get the upcost

i paid 30 dollars for shipping from the us for a small plushie and 2 pins this Christmas (paid 50/60 for the goodies iirc), but as i said it was expected

@Sapphaos this is interesting. why should the shipping for a canvas especially should be cheaper than that of a plushy. (genuinely curious)

@eylul oh sorry i wasn't clear, locally plushies are also on the cheap side because it's light, but internationally anything turns into a fortune

it's only if it's fragile that i expect something local to have expensive shipping

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