okay question for people who have recently ordered art or other type of items from a small shop. what shipping price range looks normal to you

or how much would you be willing to pay for shipping? (feel free to boost or comment as well)

@eylul it depends on the size of the package and if it's tracked and its weight. vinyl records from second hand dealers have very high costs. postage prices have gone up in last 10y afaik.

that's what I have been noticing. I was just a bit surprised.

@eylul i just wanted to order a t-shirt from US and shipping would have been over $50


ack alright. so prices I am seeing are what I should expect. thanks very much for taking the time to check.

@eylul trying buying the t-shirt via bandcamp - similar...: "€32.04 shipping and tax for Slovenia"

okay wow. so the shipping prices did increase quite a bit.

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