okay question for people who have recently ordered art or other type of items from a small shop. what shipping price range looks normal to you

or how much would you be willing to pay for shipping? (feel free to boost or comment as well)

@eylul what kind of art, like how big is it - a picture or some kind of sculpture? And are we talking domestic or international shipping?

@TraXo limited prints and or small sized art works (less than a3 sized) and international.

@eylul in that case <$25 for me.
But I only know German shipping costs, and something that size you can ship internationally for less that $10 from here.

@eylul overseas as well. L+W+H no more than 90cm in total and no more than 1kg for $7, 2kg for $17.

Depending on what extra features you want it will get more expensive (no-tracking, tracking, signature from the recipient, insurance amount).
But as long as the piece is not worth thousands of dollars you always should get around for less than $25 sending from here.

Once you get over 2kg of weight it will get way more expensive.


one thing I noticed is that posts to germany is cheaper than most. (somewhat fits the price range you mentioned)

@eylul I never really order much outside of the EU.

Within the EU shipping is usually cheap enough ($5-$15 depending on what it is).

After the Brexit shipping from UK actually got quite a lot more expensive. When I ordered a bottle of whisky from Scotland last year it was like $30. Before Brexit that would have been something like $10.

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