Darktable is a free open source raw photo processing app for Linux, Mac and Windows, sort of a libre alternative to Adobe's Lightroom.

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You can download it from the project's website at darktable.org

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I use and really like darktable, but it's an entirely different workflow than lightroom. Switching users might take a while to get it.

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Is there another piece of well-known software that Darktable is closer to, or is it just its own thing?

It is really close to lightroom in its goals and purpose (managing and developing photos), but the processing workflow itself is different. Lightroom knowledge doesn't translate really well in darktable as far as I know.

It's different with audio software where knowledge translates really well between the major daw.

@openmastering @FediFollows The "free lightroom" moniker has not been kind to us in the past, as way too many people apparently expect that to mean a 1:1 clone of lightroom, which is not what the project is about.

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Okay, sorry about that.

I used the phrase as I try to do posts that quickly get across what something is, wasn't intending to mislead people.

I'll bear this in mind in future posts.

Thank you for all the work you do! 🙏

its a bit of a technical term but you can call it a non-destructive workflow photo editing software.

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@FediFollows for context GIMP would be destructive workflow. (you are doing actual changes to pixels of the image not saving a pipeline to export so you cannot edit an intermediate step without undoing everything after)

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@FediFollows @eylul @darktable @openmastering@mastodon.sociaI've heard some photographers call it "raw developer" - is that also close?


that's a different aspect. technically Gimp and Krita can also develop raws but it can be good to identify these software as well.
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@eylul @FediFollows @darktable I know they can, and you can put text boxes in darktable, but usually you'd do post in DT, and actual photo editing in Gimp.

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