okay question for people who have recently ordered art or other type of items from a small shop. what shipping price range looks normal to you

or how much would you be willing to pay for shipping? (feel free to boost or comment as well)

for context I haven't recently bought anything internationally and the prices I have been given in local cargo compang kind of surprised me and not sure if they are overpriced or not.

@eylul I feel that it depends heavily on what one is going for. Like, is it something I can hang on my wall, handcrafted and made to be either framed or at great personal cost? Hell yeah I'm willing to pay extra premium shipping and 200+ for the product. I suspect it's a lot of "I'm this much invested" that skews any scala.

I am curious both for signed art prints and small original artworks. and that kind of makes sense thank you!

@eylul hangi kargo firması ile konuştunuz? Fiyatı en uygun olan PTT'dir ama onda bile minik bir kartpostal gönderimi 20 lira idi birkaç ay önce. Mektup boyutunda şeyleri 20 civarında gönderebilirsiniz ama paketler 100ü geçer. A3ten küçük boyuttakiler kalın zarf ile gönderilebilir ama kıvrılma-kırılma ihtimali var, belki tüp ile gönderebilirsiniz. Ya da hasarlı olanları ikinciye gönderebilirsiniz belki daha uygun olacaksa

pttnin kargo fiyatlarına baktım. ülkeye göre değişmekte.

@eylul evet öyleymiş. Bir de ben yazarken baskı gönderirsiniz diye düşündüm, tablo veya çerçeve aklıma gelmedi, muhtemelen onların ağırlığı da fiyatı fazlasıyla arttırır. :/

@eylul what kind of art, like how big is it - a picture or some kind of sculpture? And are we talking domestic or international shipping?

@TraXo limited prints and or small sized art works (less than a3 sized) and international.

@eylul in that case <$25 for me.
But I only know German shipping costs, and something that size you can ship internationally for less that $10 from here.

@eylul overseas as well. L+W+H no more than 90cm in total and no more than 1kg for $7, 2kg for $17.

Depending on what extra features you want it will get more expensive (no-tracking, tracking, signature from the recipient, insurance amount).
But as long as the piece is not worth thousands of dollars you always should get around for less than $25 sending from here.

Once you get over 2kg of weight it will get way more expensive.

one thing I noticed is that posts to germany is cheaper than most. (somewhat fits the price range you mentioned)

@eylul I never really order much outside of the EU.

Within the EU shipping is usually cheap enough ($5-$15 depending on what it is).

After the Brexit shipping from UK actually got quite a lot more expensive. When I ordered a bottle of whisky from Scotland last year it was like $30. Before Brexit that would have been something like $10.

@eylul I'm in New Zealand and shipping is always outrageous. It's silly but I genuinely would rather pay more for the item and get "free" shipping (or anyway a lower number). Shipping just feels bad.

@klaatu thank you for this feedback and I can totally understand that psychological effect. :)

@eylul it depends on the size of the package and if it's tracked and its weight. vinyl records from second hand dealers have very high costs. postage prices have gone up in last 10y afaik.

that's what I have been noticing. I was just a bit surprised.

@eylul i just wanted to order a t-shirt from US and shipping would have been over $50

ack alright. so prices I am seeing are what I should expect. thanks very much for taking the time to check.

@eylul trying buying the t-shirt via bandcamp - similar...: "€32.04 shipping and tax for Slovenia"

okay wow. so the shipping prices did increase quite a bit.

@eylul not sure because it depends on what it is, how it is shipped and where it is from / going.

but from france to the US, a package even a light one is already more than 30 euros, so....

letters are less expensive.

this is what I have been noticing and thanks for the feedback. :)

@eylul depends heavily on what it is

if it's art, so prints or a canvas i wouldn't expect more than 15 euros unless it's a really big canvas and it's coming from outside of the eu (and cheaper for prints/things that fit inside of an envelope)

if it's ceramics or anything fragile, i get the upcost

i paid 30 dollars for shipping from the us for a small plushie and 2 pins this Christmas (paid 50/60 for the goodies iirc), but as i said it was expected

@Sapphaos this is interesting. why should the shipping for a canvas especially should be cheaper than that of a plushy. (genuinely curious)

@eylul oh sorry i wasn't clear, locally plushies are also on the cheap side because it's light, but internationally anything turns into a fortune

it's only if it's fragile that i expect something local to have expensive shipping

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