anyone know a moderated relay that is art/music related?

one of the struggles of being on a self hosted instance is that what I can discover (when looking for the artWithOpenSource, Krita, Darktable etc tags for example is limited to my followers)

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@eylul I dunno if they are a relay though.

@maloki I... don't remember .art having a relay last I checked but it has also been a while.

@Curator do you guys have a relay?

@eylul @Curator if not, maybe you should consider setting it up!

@Curator @maloki @eylul @hugo the thread is private, so I can’t read what lead to you mentioning me :)

@mastohost @maloki @eylul @hugo Oh derp XD Does .art have a relay and if not is it possible to set one up ^.^

@Curator No, .art doesn’t have a relay (at least not hosted by me) and I also don’t offer that service. Sorry.

@maloki @eylul @hugo

@mastohost @Curator @maloki @eylul Oh, wait. I can read it on my instance. No, on my end there is no relay for .art :) that is separated from Mastodon. You could set one relay but that is independent from Mastodon, in fact you can run a relay and not even have a Mastodon instance.

@Curator @hugo @eylul I thought it was a thing a server could do as well, but maybe I'm misremembering or it being a fever dream. 😅

@maloki @Curator @eylul Not the same thing, but maybe you can use for e.g. @art to create an cross-instance art community?

that's unfortunately user-level. and results in a lot of posts on individuals "home" which defies the purpose. but thank you :)
(reposted without adding art group to not accidentally spam somebody)

@maloki @Curator @hugo


I'm really curious about this, as I'm also considering a self-hosted fedi site.

I looked this up, but wasn't much enlightened. What is a fediverse relay, and why is it important? Does not having it limit who you can federate with?

@maloki @Curator

a fediverse relay literally sends all of the posts made in a server to your server (so they show up on the federated timeline) and yours to that server. And this goes for all of the servers in the pool of the relay.

a good moderated relay is great for connecting smaller instances to a larger community but I would also be careful with open ones as they bring a moderation load.

it is part of a solution

@maloki @Curator

@eylul @TerryHancock @Curator now I'm wondering if we should make one 🤔 but spoons 🥄

@maloki @TerryHancock @Curator

exactly why I don't make one. I don't have the energy to do a good job moderating. I really wish mastodon allowed servers subscribing to one another.

@eylul You can browse the list of Mastodon instances (for example here:, then visit the instances to find users that interest you. One of the shortcomings of Mastodon is that you can’t search all Mastodon instances as with Twitter. Also, you can open an account on an art-related Mastodon instance rather than running your own instance.

I know whole fediverse will not be visible xD (fediverse veteran here who lived in .social then .art) that wasn't my question. thanks for your input though.

@eylul You were asking for relays. Relays are normal accounts, so how did my answer not answer your question?

relays are a different bit of software that servers can subscribe to see each others content.

@eylul I thought you were talking about accounts that are cross-posting from Twitter or elsewhere. I’ve learned something.

xD yeah we usually call that crossposters but I know some of them also are titled relay and can cause a confusion.

also welcome to the fediverse

@eylul Thanks. So far Mastodon has been an underwhelming experience for me. The software infrastructure is (mostly) there, but the content is not, compared to Twitter for example. So I am mostly on Twitter but I sometimes err into the fediverse to check what the experience looks like. (Note: I am guessing you speak Turkish as I do, but English is maybe easier to type, at least you don't have to write Eylül Doğruel with all the accents :)

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