Yes is back after a 3 year break.

2021 Orion nebula. Istanbul, Turkey.

This is more of a technical limitations exercise. It is shot with a sony a6000 and my trusty 135mm Samyang.

Supersampling is used with 21 frames, to reduce noise and increase the resolution. (this is a cropped detail)

The limiting factor here is light pollution more than anything.

2022 CC by-SA

Created using and

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Is that CC 4.0 International?

There are so many versions of it…

I thought it would require a link to the legal text to count 🤔

caveat of not a lawyer etc,
edit: yes it is 4.0 international. (completely wrongly parsed that question) xD I think by default newest one is assumed unless otherwise defined but should probably clarify

you do not need to link the full text in every toot in a microblogging structure I think. (I do link it in my website)

2.1 was popular for a while, too (Flickr…)

But Cory Doctorow pointed out that it can be used to extract money from users.

@eylul Samyang lens are really luminous, and they was affordable in regards of their quality few years ago. I didn't thing it was possible to see this inside a city ? I remember to have seen one time the really luminous real sky in far countryside. Colors and density is really impressing. We really miss a lot with our lights.

samyangs prioritized optical quality and kept them down with tradeoffs like weight and being fully manual (they moved away from the latter since and are more expensive since)

it was an usually luminous sky (we get them sometimes in winter) but quite honestly I was surprised it worked. I know for a fact that milkyway doesn't. (although I have some ideas to try there)

I think one advantage is that orion is very bright. its just a bit small to notice with naked eye

@eylul have you played with I have yet to try but seems nice.

I have and totally intend to go back to it.

My experience was that at the time it didn't deal with lens distortion as at is designed for more photography through a telescope. This was years ago though and I know they have added tons of features since.

its on the todo list.

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