potential bullet journaling. 

I blame @cadadr for this one although jokes aside not even sure it is a bullet journal with no bullet points in sight and no todos or notes, and just appending this to my existing sketchbook.

worst case scenario I indexed my sketchbook which is a good thing?

I might still swap back to zim wiki once I sync my notebook to phone but this will be a good experimentation (or an absolute time sink of amateur illustrations. xD). so far using it for teaching and memories.

potential bullet journaling. 

@eylul cool thing to be blamed for 😂 such a lovely and nice drawing! Hope it proves useful for you!

potential bullet journaling. 

its the only page I can share as the monthly overview has had a bit of accident xD I am using december to experiment fast to figure out what works and doesn't. :)

potential bullet journaling. 

@eylul Yeah, accidents happen.. I'll share mine in a bit, it's pretty messy.

It's also kinda evolving and depends on your mood/current needs. Eg this month mine is p simple, sometimes I make a calendar view instead of just the list of the days, add week numbers, etc.

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