I received over the weekend messages from an art residency, including the deadlines, when the coordinator finally decided to email me. Apparently at the time when I was trying to find the "group" they were referring to, facebook was eating all of my messages that showed up 3 months later while I was not looking. (I don't check fb often unless I know I will be contacted via that)

as a result I missed an exhibit deadline 😡

can we all switch to fediverse and be done please? (or email is fine too)

@eylul That's really messed up! I'm sorry you lost this opportunity for such a stupid reason. Any serious work should be done over secure platforms, not social media :(

I MIGHT be still able to make it if I can get the work finished very quickly, but like this isn't even the first time I had this issue with the platform (just the one with most serious consequences to date - and I genuinely feel bad for the coordinator as well. Parts of contemporary art scene pretty much runs on fb so I understand why they picked it). similar incidences is what prompted me to mostly not pay attention to fb and twitter. You won't see what you need to see anyway.

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