a lot of people ask me how do you stick with alternative social media such as when all of your friends are elsewhere. If you expect all of your friends to move here and mirror your interactions there it won't work.

Think of it this way, you don't interact with the same people and the same way in different commercial networks.

and think how you started using the ones you use regularly. There was some content you wanted to or needed to interact with.(1/3)

instead of trying to move here wholesale identify an interaction that is not working. Maybe you need a class communication you don't want in commercial items. maybe you need a way to roleplay, maybe it is just family communication you want to keep more casual and away from algorithms. Move with that small community. More will come but you will still have a reason to stick here. Use mastodon as a tool not a statement. (2/3)


alternatively use mastodon to join an existing conversation here. This can be tricky as it is tempting to just go for "big" follow counts but go for people who are active and talking to each other in topics you want to participate. Build ongoing conversations and a small community (although it can be bigger) and be there for them. Rest will come but this is how you begin, using mastodon or fediverse as a way to be part of a community, not NOT part of another.

@eylul very interesting. I left other social networks despite the fact family and friends are still there. I just decided to start here and told everyone about it. Just let it go and, people who care about me found a way to still communicate. So, I'm very happy now. No more hypocrisy, a thousand "friends", no one really cares about you 🧐.

@maperal I see what you mean. :) Different people have different experiences. This case I think is especially important for people who do feel they are active part of communities in various commercial social networks and struggling with the fact that their network doesn't move with them. This can become especially jarring if you do use social media not only for family and friends, but also for work, school or follow and participate into topic based communication.

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