okay question does any of users especially single node instances can tell me how well it works on a vps? what are the storage / transfer requirements cpu requirements etc look like?

@eylul I have my own peertube instance on a vps and it works fine, though I haven't used it for all that much.

just trying to figure out which linode to go with and if it is even feasible financially.

@eylul there’s a hardware section on the about page of most servers and there’s a faq on the main site:

I currently run a single user PeerTube on 2 vCpu, 500MB ram (amazon t3a.nano) (without the database). Normally this runs fine, but is definitely too small to do transcoding. A recent test took 24 hours while the same job took a few minutes with 2GB ram. Previously my server ran on 2 vCpu, 1GB ram (t3a.micro) (including the database) and that only causes minor swapping during transcoding and is quite doable. This seems the best configuration for a single user site.

Cpu % hardly ever exceeds 1%.

Storage is fully dependent on how many videos you’re going to upload. You can use S3. About transfer I can’t say much, since mostly this is handled by the S3 servers and I don’t see it…

I am trying to avoid S3. but thank you this is really REALLY useful information and I think I have a decent idea what I need. 🙂

@eylul @gidi the good news is that there are lots of Object Storage services now that offer an S3-compatible API at decent prices. I get mine from Linode, but there's actually a decent selection of choices out there.
@eylul overall, it works okay - if you stick with like 1-2 resolution variants per video, you won't have many problems. Transcoding is kind of demanding on the CPU, though.

I ended up starting a community instance and use Object Storage with it now because it's kind of cheaper and I get way more space out of it.

thank you very much for these replies. I read 1cpu for regular use another for encoding works well. so might do that. (as this will be a single user node I hope it won't be too much of a load) in terms of object storage my main question is how do you then back it up?

i back it up on a drive i have here at home using rsync to pump the content+DB down every now and then.


@sean oh... yeah I guess as only the media will live there and nothing else.

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