sorry about vanishing for 12 hours, it looks like my instance ran out of space. :)

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@eylul what fedi app are you running? I want to spin up my own at some point.

@paperdigits I am using mastodon, which works very well when installed via yunohost. just not sure what is accumulating data so fast. even with statuses from 7 days I have like 30GB of data?

that being said still recommend it if you can afford the vps, or have an old laptop etc. I know some people also use pleroma though

@eylul @paperdigits Remote media and remote posts being cached locally. It's a 'thing' with most AP servers. Some handle the caching and similar better than others...

There should be some pruning options and retention options for that stuff

@kemonine @paperdigits this is after removing all posts, and I assumed that also removed the media as well, based on the manual?

@eylul @paperdigits It could still be keeping a cache somewheres

I'd check the database size and remote media storage zone to see where there may be an issue so you can target any tuning / additional cleanup.

I've not run Mastodon in a few years. However, my pleroma instance sucks up ~10-30Gb of storage usually for my single user deployment.

@kemonine @paperdigits I'll check this. I have a little over 30GB I think so I guess it is normal (especially as I am following a lot of people who post media content I suppose)

@Sandra @paperdigits @kemonine for reliability, and distribute the weight of bandwidth a little in case something goes popular, is my guess. Generally hotlinking to another server for media is not cool.

What happened here was my fault though, I need to setup a cron job to clear old toots but I keep forgetting to. (even then it was almost 2 months worth of data that filled up the 80GBs I had (and about 18GB of that is a backup that is sitting there)

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