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day 13: "fire" and day 14: "cider/apples" (suggested by @aldersprig )

very behind and I fear I will continue to be behind until next wednesday. All the same....

oh and it is the first time in 15 years that I have used watercolors... yeah well it still went better than I was expecting, sort of... xD You might see them again on later images.

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@aldersprig sorry for being behind. its been an interesting week. :)


Thanks for the prompts!!!!!!! :D
day 16, day 19 and day 20.

(I do have a couple of prompts on my own in between to help with catch up speed, as I can be more rushed with my own prompts and not feel bad about it :D ) The tire one is STUNNING.

I love the way the apple one looks like a crate with a cider-monster inside.

@aldersprig aww thank you. :)

Fire one was kind of breaking the style but I had the image stuck in my brain since you prompted me with that. I really need to stop fearing watercolors and anything involving brushes. :)

apples was just really fun to do. :)

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