While drawing today's prompt, my 3D printer was working too.

One of the bigger time wastes I have doing these challenges is trying to cut a lot of paper at exact dimensions, having to measure each, and keep things square.

So designed this little thing using and while it took a few tweaks - and I will iterate to make it easier to trim multiple cards- it is square and it works

(and yes, it is a messy print, I had my printer tuned, then firmware got updated... )

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Nice work!

Solutions to special problems are certainly the workspace of #3DPrinting and the maker effort in general.

@Algot Thanks! This type of problem solving was the primary reason why I finally invested in a 3D printer. :)

@aldersprig the outside part sits next to the paper while the interlocked cutter sits on top, so the paper doesn't shift while cutting. I cut bristol paper with this, so it works quite well with a single sheet.

That being said, in future I'll probably get a small cheap cutting mat and attach it permanently to that, so that it works even better :) Neat!

Wish I could send you one of mine - we freecycled a bunch of them some time ago'

discussion of supplies. :) 

@aldersprig Thank you! it is the sentiment that counts. :) It is ok through. The A4 sized ones (the cheap ones, not the self healing brand name ones) are really not that expensive here. (and I don't even need one that large so half of it might get reused into a soldering station base at some point. ;) ) I'll probably buy one next time I go to my local art supply store (or order) So this may interest you: Some time ago, I picked up a Solid Steel paper cutter from a flea market. It's emblazoned with the Eastman Kodak logo (well, okay, it's in relief on the handle, nothing yellow and red or anything) and someone had very carefully taped down two pieces of mat board to cut the same size of photo every time.

@aldersprig lucky! I wonder if it was used in a photo development shop, back when that was a thing. :) I have been looking for a paper cutter as an option for a while now, but so far, new ones are REALLY expensive for some reason. :) It was in the store with a whole BUNCH of old kodak supplies so I bet it came from an old shop of some sort - or, since I live near Rochester, NY (Home of Kodak), perhaps from the place itself.

@aldersprig yeah i said shop because they would more likely need to print at a certain size a lot but who knows. either way that thing looks very pretty, awesome find! :)

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