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day 7 "sound" (suggested by @fredmbarros)

this one was though.

I do like the final concept, the execution... well lets just say I am not tagging this with "traditional art" (I would normally redraw this but for this year's daily challenge I am really trying to avoid doing that)

hand drawn and edited with

I am still accepting prompts on mastodon. :)

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@cidney This one will be interesting! :) Thanks for the suggestion

Day 9, Tiger. :)

@eylul wow, this looks great! I can’t imagine why you would redraw it.
As a matter of fact, I had not received any notification of you posting this. I came here now to share my own take on ‘sound’ with you. It’s not yet ready by any means, as I’m torn between going for more stylized and simplified shading or trying to make a more complex image in terms of the water (it was supposed to look like those images of a water drop haha) and the speaker. Opinions not only welcome but wanted 🙂

@fredmbarros ok now I am confused same issue happened to me other day (mentioned not showing up until days later... hmm I wonder if my server is hiccuping or something else is going on)

In terms of image, I will say go with what you like to draw? :)

As for the issues, lets just say they are well masked by virtue of digital editing. (mostly I managed to smear black marker and had to use white paint to cover it, and it is not exactly the right shade of white) ;D

@eylul yes, and I didn’t receive these last two either

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