I would love to have more suggestions for this year's . :) I am not following any official lists and instead going with my own partial list and suggestions from mastodon. You can comment to this toot and I will try to add it.

(please be aware that I don't always interpret things literally and create works that are abstract or highly stylized.)

@eylul I wanted to suggest “sound”, following your caveat about not following things literally, but I actually don’t know very well how these lists work, so I’m not sure if what I said even makes sense...

@fredmbarros generally anything that is not too specific, and binding in its interpretation generally makes good list prompts.

and "sound" is a fantastic prompt..Day 7 it is. Thanks very much for the suggestion

@eylul great! I’ll see if I do something with it myself :-)


@fredmbarros feel free to pick up prompts that others have suggested as well. :)

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@eylul thank you! I don’t know if I’ll be able to really dive into this, as life’s a bit convoluted, but as lately I’ve been sort of finding some solace in drawing... Where can I find the rest of the list?

@fredmbarros errr there is no list on my end, so far you the first 2 days of prompts were "denim tree" by Sandra@idiomdrottning.org and my own life related prompt "corrupted filesystem" (which I wouldn't recommend as it is specific, was just was specific to how my current week was going xD) the rest of the prompt suggested so far you can find them on this thread. Also through like there are many lists neatly put into an image around in the internet. its that time of the year. :)

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