people who use @writeas_dev / @writefreely how do you deal with images you want to use on your blogs? Do you need to upload them separately, or does it handle image upload?

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@eylul @writeas_dev @writefreely asked myself the same question a couple of days ago and opted for uploading it in my public mastodon timeline so I have an URL to put in image attribute of writefreely post

@jeroen @writeas_dev @writefreely *is back on the desktop and can answer more in detail* I think main limitation (and adventage,, depending on point of view) is that it does resize the image to a lower resolution, but at least I think now I know that I will need a place to upload them at least. *goes back to yunohost catalogue for solutions*

@jeroen @eylul @writeas_dev @writefreely

Any idea what the file size limit is? I tried a 1.1 meg, and just got a blank square, a 400k one worked.

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